Monday, March 31, 2014

We enjoyed Cowpens National Battlefield while Ben was working. We walked the mile around the battlefield reading the sign, using sticks as rifles to fight the battle we had watched at the visitors center. A mile isn't very long but with these children more words are spoken, stories told, and imaginations going wild than seems to be possible. Getting them all to stand still and look at the camera was a small miracle.

Owen taking aim, he fights for the blue guys. He kept looking for the soldiers, he just didn't understand the battle wasn't still being fought in the fields out back. 

Luke really enjoyed ducking behind trees, and shooting at the enemy. He didn't pick a side,
but he sure shot at anything that moved including me.

Beau didn't know I was taking a picture but he was posing at attention with a wooden rifle.

Dragging sticks in the dirt. Leaving a mark wherever he goes.

In fashion even in the woods, she stops to read every sign, and keeps Owen on track.
I think she really thinks I'll leave him behind.

We watched a video about the battle before we went outside.
They had little plastic soldiers to recreate the battle in the back of the room.
Owen played with them through the whole video,  Luke joined him after the video.

Anna getting tennis shoes on, rocking the fashion statement.

This is the way the kids watch a video at a National Park when no one else is there, which would be what happens at 9 a.m. Beau had seen this one before so he was reading and watching at the same time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Makes My Heart Happy

Beau took the time to wrestle with Owen tonight I won't mention what he should have doing because it doesn't matter these are the moments that stick in memories for a long time. 
This past Sunday Ben and I took the kids swimming at Georgia Tech, they played and rough housed like they used to when they were little before attitudes and hormones entered our world. Ben played keep away with them and even the life guards had to chuckle at the dad being brought down by three big kids. Owen is unsure in the water so he stuck to my hip. As life seems to keep getting more serious with school getting harder and emotions all over the place it does a moms heart good to see them laugh and rough house together. Thankful for these moments that make the other ones seem not quite so bad.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beau's Take

We took Sydney to the aquarium last Tuesday. She isn't old enough to remember it but we will. Beau is in a fun (not really) adolescent stage where there is always someplace (usually his room) he'd rather be. But for a little while at the aquarium he got motivated and with the use of his camera phone caught some great images. I couldn't access them all my favorite shot of the jelly fish in green is  not accessible to my phone but these are still good ones. Everyday he surprises sometimes in good ways sometimes in other ways.
I took the picture of him and Sydney, holding babies is not his thing right now, eating constantly is. He did adjust her and he is capable of holding her well it just isn't a high priority right now. Not that she seemed to mind she loved being outside and especially loved swinging. 


Winter break is almost over. It's unusual for us to stay home during a school break but this year we did. My sister and niece visited and kept us busy most of the week but yesterday the kids were looking for something different. So out came the science bubble kit. They blew different shapes (but they always ended up as circles, hmm) and different sizes. Owen did what Owen does and frustrated his sibling because he quickly grew tired of blowing and only wanted to pop the bubbles, the bigger they were the more fun they were to pop and the more irritating he became. They all still had fun and Owen is going to be lost next week when no one is here to play with him.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anna's Desk

Ben has worked hard building Anna a desk for her bedroom, something she can have for the rest of her life. She worked on it with him some and he spent countless hours in the garage. He got two new tools that were necessary to finish the job lucky him. He amazes me with his skills and Anna is one lucky girl.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Grandpa Bernie's Ornaments

We went to the cemetery Monday to decorate a tree for Grandpa Bernie. We hung man ornament for each grandchild with their name on it, and a handmade mug of iced tea, his favorite beverage. Ben informed me while it was a nice gesture he never took lemon with his tea. The lemon was to make it obvious it was tea, but thanks for the info honey. 
We will always wish Grandpa B was here with us but he lives on in the memories and the kids and I are always learning more about him. This year I learned his favorite Christmas carol, and I know he was smiling down and winking at me recently. He lives on in each of his six grandchildren, his legacy will never fade.